Progressive Business Experts say Insight, Skills Equally Important: Vision, Persistence Key to Business Success


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Charlotte, NC: Sharp skills are essential in today’s business environment, but without insight, vision and a pinch of intuition, otherwise qualified candidates won’t make it to the top.

That’s according to Sheryl Eldene, Gail Martin and Faith Monson, the trio of author-entrepreneur-experts behind [Big Dreams and Hard Work], a new business blog that blends inspiration and perspiration.

According to Sheryl Eldene,  author of The Sweet Spot where the Law of Attraction meets the Law of Action, business consultant and founder of the On Purpose Living Center, intention and insight make a major impact in the success of a business.  “Many people see trends and metrics, but only people with insight and intention are able to create successful new businesses and innovate based on those numbers.”

Success coach and author Faith Monson agrees.  “It’s going to take more than spreadsheets to get business booming again,” says Monson.  “Solid numbers are important, but decision-making based just on numbers can be static and overly cautious.  Business owners need to trust their vision and follow their intuition to find success.”

Gail Z. Martin, social media, speaker and bestselling author of 30 Days to Social Media Success, believes that vision and insight are essential for business success.  “American business has always been entrepreneurial, with a seat-of-the-pants, necessity is the mother of invention component that springs from vision and intuition.  Through the Big Dreams and Hard Work blog, we want to reconnect today’s progressive entrepreneurs with insights that encourage them to trust their vision and succeed.”

Eldene, Martin and Monson provide weekly blogs and commentary on the blog.  Once a week, the blog hosts guest posts from a variety of authors, thought leaders and entrepreneurs.  Fridays feature free downloadable bonus extras.

“You don’t have to be loud and noisy like Donald Trump to succeed in business,” says Martin.  “The innovations that have turned the business world upside down, made billions of dollars and changed the way we live—things like the iPhone and Facebook and Google—have all relied on both intuition and expertise to succeed.”

“We live in a world where crunching the numbers gets all the attention,” says Monson.  “People become afraid to trust their intuition and vision, and doubly afraid to admit to using insight to make decisions.  But without insight, numbers are just numbers.  If spreadsheets held all the answers, every accountant would be a billionaire.”

“We want to empower readers of the Big Dreams and Hard Work blog to believe in their vision for success and to utilize their intuition as well as their numbers and research,” says Eldene.  “So many businesses that are now huge successes, like Ben & Jerry’s, Juicy Couture, Got Junk and FedEx didn’t look like they stood a chance at the beginning, if all you looked at were numbers.  It was vision, courage, and insight that kept the founders from giving up.  We salute and encourage that spirit.”

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