Building a Believable Fiction World is Focus for Writing Classes by Bestselling Author, Gail Z. Martin

CONTACT: DreamSpinner Communications 704-595-9581

Charlotte: Bestselling author Gail Z. Martin rejoins WriteWellU for a new teleseminar series on World Building for Believable Fiction..
In this four-part audio workshop, Martin will cover how to create a believable physical setting, creating culture and religion that belong in a fictional world, using language (and creating a new language) to add to the setting, and sustaining the fictional world over multiple books.

•    Session #1: Moving In: Creating the Physical Setting for Your Fiction World
•    Session #2: Getting to Know the Neighbors: Populating Your Fiction World with Believable Background Characters
•    Session #3: Culture and History: Giving Your Fiction World a Backstory
•    Session #4: Conflict and Identity: Dealing with Race, Gender and Religion in a Fictional World.

Class Date and Time: Tuesdays: March 10, 17, 24, and 31: 1:00 p.m. eastern

Martin is the bestselling author of The Chronicles of the Necromancer fantasy adventure series and the upcoming how-to book, “The Thrifty Author’s Guide to Launching Your Book Without Losing Your Mind.”  She is a frequent presenter for WriteWell.U and other online marketing platforms.

Martin’s fiction is currently published by Solaris Books (now Rebellion, Ltd.) and her non-fiction is published by Comfort Publishing. provides education for authors of fiction and non-fiction books.

For teleseminar details, pricing and registration, visit For information about Gail Martin’s books and marketing, visit and


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